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2020 Nebula Challenge Highlights

The Challenge

With over 170+ participants from across the globe, the first annual Nebula Entrepreneurship Challenge was a resounding success, inviting young minds to build their entrepreneurial acumen. Our participants formed teams in which they brainstormed business ideas to deliver in a 3-minute video pitch. Our participants reinforced that idea generation can happen at any age, and the best time to get started is now. 


The Finalists

From this group, judges chose ten spectacular teams to compete in the finale, the Nebula Summit. Our top ten teams showed particular grit and merit with their innovative ideas, ranging from the fields of medicine, technology, climate change, and even restaurants.

 The Nebula Summit

Our Judges

Thank you to our judges for putting their time into grading and reviewing each of the amazing pitches put for by our participants. 

  • Dr. Patrick Convery, Professor of Economics at UCLA

  • Andrea Lown, Product Inovation & Marketing at Digital Coconut

  • Tracey DeLeeuw, Co-Founder of FutureLand

Our Guest Speakers

  • This Nebula Summit featured guest speaker Shane Veramallay, co-founder at CARBON Group, to share his story about perseverance and always hustling.

  • Additionally, Suma Vinod, shares her experience at the CTO of two startups and the journey of getting an idea into the real world.

  • Furthermore, the interactive workshops focused on "The Perfect Idea" and mind-mapping

  • Finally the Youth Entrepreneurship Panel, moderated by Sanat Singhal of 21st Century Visionary, included talented youth entrepreneurs: Wes Woodson, Avni Barman, and Michael Ioffe

Our Winners

Ultimately, we congratulate our winners from this competitive group of finalists: Neuro LLC, NiteBites, and Tabulo - our first, second, and third place winners respectively. 

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