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Entrepreneurship Challenge: Application Form

Thank You to those that competed in the 2020 Nebula Challenge. Submissions are now closed, we look forward to seeing you at the Nebula Summit on September 19. Applications will re-open July 2021

Submission Criteria

Your entry must be a video of at least three minutes consisting of a summary of your business idea. Your submission video should clearly show that your team has put forward lots of time and effort into developing your business plan, and it will be judged on whether or not you have successfully achieved this on the grounds of Creativity, Viability, Scalability, and Engagement. Ensure that every member of your team contributes to the project and include what each participant did in the video.

  • Ages 13-18

  • Timezone must be able to accommodate for a 12 PM - 4 PM PST Zoom Video Conference for the Nebula Summit. If able to accommodate for this time, then the timezone is eligible for competition

Only fill out contact info for the amount of team members in your group. Leave any extra contact info fields blank. 

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